Reaction to Snowden Interview Plus Stuff

Really digging this post. Relevant, insightful and a pleasure to read.


A couple of brief, prefaces; only indirectly related to main points.

There is a bit of a feud going on between two media outlets. It’s been brewing for some time. They are First Look Media and Pando Daily.

First Look is the home of Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill. It is where the bulk of new reporting on NSA abuses of civil liberties is coming from. It is owned by Pierre Omidyar, who is also CEO of PayPal.

Pando Daily is the other. It writes a lot of stories about CIA abuses of civil liberties and other criminal activity. Over there, you have Paul Carr and Mark Ames. Among the investors in Pando Daily, you have Palantir CEO Peter Thiel.

Both of those outlets provide services beneficial to a healthy society. The problem largely extends from Pierre’s business dealings, and also the PayPal 14 {11 of whom were sentenced yesterday…

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